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Waverley Jewellery

Portsea Square Signet - Silver

Portsea Square Signet - Silver

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Our Silver pieces are pure 316L Stainless steel base, this eliminates fading and rust, material is nickel free and eco friendly !

Waverley Jewellery has crafted all products to be resistant to all elements including but not limited to heat, sweat, chemical exposure (cologne, hand sanitizer etc.), fresh and salt water! with an aim to satisfy our customer base with a lifetime quality. 



Our gold-bonded pieces are pure 316 Stainless steel coated 3x in 18k Gold. They are 3-5x more durable than traditional gold
plated jewellery.

Why 18k gold?

18k gold is more durable and
resilient against normal wear and tear. That is why ALL of our chains
rings and bracelets are crafted with 18k gold, ensuring enduring quality.

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