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Waverley Jewellery

Lock choker charm - Gold

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Our gold-bonded pieces are pure 316 Stainless steel coated 3x in 18k Gold. They are 3-5x more durable than traditional gold plated jewellery.

Why 18k gold?

18k gold is more durable and resilient against normal wear and tear. That is why ALL of our chains rings and bracelets are crafted with 18k gold, ensuring enduring quality.

Customer Reviews

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New Favourite Necklace!

I wore this necklace for the first time 2 nights ago and have not stopped getting compliments on it! It’s so cute and I’m obsessed with it.

At first I wasn’t sure about the concept of a choker necklace, but it’s so perfect and comfortable too! It’s not too tight, it sits at the perfect length between my collarbones.

Also, I love that the lock isn’t just a charm that can come off, but is actually linked into the necklace, so the necklace isn’t constantly moving around all day and twisting and needing to be fixed. Just put it on and go about your day!

10000% recommend ordering this!