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Waverley Jewellery

Aurora Pearl

Aurora Pearl

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Wrap yourself in elegance with our Aurora pearl necklace, a classic yet modern addition to our Waverley's female collection. This necklace features a 18k gold-plated band with a treated mother of pearl centre, seamlessly blends classic pearl with contemporary design. 

An Aurora is a natural light display that shimmers in the sky. Blue, red, yellow, green, and orange lights shift gently and change shape like softly blowing curtains. Auroras are only visible at night, and usually only appear in lower polar regions.



18K Gold & 316L Stainless Steel

Our premium materials ensure Waverley Jewellery will last you a lifetime

Water, Heat & Sweat-Proof

Hit the gym, go for a run or even take a shower

Hypoallergenic (No Green Skin)

316L stainless steel is tarnish-proof and suitable for sensitive skin


All of our pieces are based of the highest 316 Grade stainless steal. Our gold-bonded pieces are Nickle free & Alloy free. Triple coated in 18k Gold setting them aside from the competition as they're 3-5x more durable than traditional gold plated Jewellery. All of our Jewellery is tarnish free guaranteed! 

Why 18k gold?

18k gold is more durable and resilient against normal wear and tear. That is why ALL of our chains rings and bracelets are crafted with 18k gold, ensuring enduring life long quality.

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